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Why Should You Choose ED Treatment In The Form Of Tabs?

When there is a problem with erection whether it is a temporary sexual disorder or even impotency, the physicians recommend to change the living habits and to take the medications like Viagra or cialis Australia. These pills contain the different active components, which provide with the same result but with some peculiarities which can impact on the choice. You can find brand viagra for sale here that is cheaper than others pills marketing without discount and try it or prefer only Cialis due to its long in-force period. But all this kinds of treatment will have the common feature – they are made in the form of a tablet. If we look back in the past, we’ll find out that medications were presented mostly in salve, powdery or liquid form. When were the tablets invented? Is this shape preferable because of easy administration? Let’s try to answer the questions.

A few words about history

The first references to solid tablets were found on ancient Egyptian papyruses. The word “pill” comes from the Latin pillula and has the meaning “a little ball.” Now the pills can be made oval-, disk-shaped or delta like. The common definition for tablets of any shape is the solid unit dosage form of drugs. Special equipment mixes the powdered or granular ingredients ensuring that the same dose is delivered with every tab. The pharmacists usually apply a polymer coating in order to make a tab resistible to environment, smoother and more convenient to take them with a glass of water. There is no wonder that penis erection pills are also solid.

Advantages of a tablet form

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Everybody can agree that the pills are very convenient.

  • They contain the exact quantity of active substances pressed from a powder to a solid condition. The patient should not measure the dosage.
  • Besides most pills have no taste and no smell.
  • It is easy to store and administer them.
  • The form of a tab is developed with due account for a person’s throat so that it could not hurt when it is swallowed.
  • Portable package can be kept in a pocket during the day and take a little space in a bag.
  • Easy digestible.

Peculiarities of ED tablets

Everybody can buy the best erection pills over the counter online without a prescription or turn to a local pharmacy with a medication order. One can buy brand or generic remedies without any difference in effect but with quite noticeable difference in price. In fact there are other ED treatments including surgery methods and injections but still the most popular form is tableted. Viagra is characterized with its unique appearance. Blue film-coated pills of rounded diamond shape with imprint on both sides informing about a dosage of Sildenafil and producer. They are taken by mouth and due to smooth upside, easy to swallow. Other male erection pills are completely different. Cialis pills are yellow of almond shape and imprinted only on one side informing of the dose of Tadalafil. Thus, you can recognize them even in appearance.

Find the complete description of various ED remedies with instructions and images on web-site http://www.webmd.com/drugs/.