How to conceive a child: 7 tips for future parents

Can’t get pregnant? Before you sound alarm, check whether it isn`t worth changing something in life? Let’s talk about most common factors that prevent couple from becoming happy parents.

7 useful tips for you

Pay attention to the following information:

  • Control weight. Lack of kilograms, or, conversely, overweight partners may complicate conception. Significant deviations from normal weight in women cause ovulation disorders, without which, of course, fertilization is impossible. Overweight in man also negatively affects ability to fatherhood.
  • Give up cigarettes. Smoking is known to reduce likelihood of conception. Nicotine violates spermatogenesis in man, in woman interferes with egg implantation. Bear in mind: this is both active and passive smoking.
  • Forget about junk food. Even if you don`t like fast food and prefer home cooking – this is only half of battle. Review your diet. Fried, fatty and flour reduces activity of sperm, and excessive doses of caffeine impair ability to conceive woman.
  • Remember about regular sex. It may surprise you, but sexual marathons don`t increase chances of becoming parents. After all, as a result, male body is depleted and begins to produce weak spermatozoa, simply not capable of fertilization. However, too long pauses in sexual intercourse reduce the likelihood of conception. After all, if sex happens, say, once a week, couple may simply not “fall” on ovulation days.
  • Follow temperature regime. This advice applies only to men. Future dad shouldn`t be carried away by sauna, hot tubs, as well as wear tight clothes, so as not to cause sperm overheating.
  • Don`t overdo pumped press. Of course, physical activity is necessary for normal body functioning. And future mother without them is nowhere. But, you need to train wisely. In preparation for conception, don`t fan press fanatically. With exercises for abdominal muscles now need to be careful: their capacity can interfere with fertilization and even lead to ectopic pregnancy.
  • Overcome psychological causes. Sometimes examinations show that couple is healthy, but it isn`t possible to conceive child. Cause of infertility can be psychological. Some women avoid pregnancy, even without understanding it, because roots of such problems are hidden deep in the subconscious. It also happens that couple makes idea of ​​pregnancy fix, and, in end, woman brings herself to stress.

First of all – calm down. Don`t forget that doctors speak of infertility only when conception doesn`t occur during year of regular sexual life without contraception. Relax! And, going to bedroom, forget  word “must.” Enjoy each other – and everything will certainly work out!