healthy nutrition and pregnancy

How to eat while pregnant?

Pregnancy is a significant event in the life of every woman. The body needs a lot of strength and energy to readjust and get used to the fact that it has born a new life. A woman should, during this period, have a maximum of healthy diet and moderate activity.

It is best to start with proper nutrition, as it directly depends on how the future child will develop, whether it is enough “construction material “. After all, the baby will draw the necessary components from the blood of his mother. The most essential element is the protein, which is the main building block in the “foundation ” of the unborn little man.

Before proceeding to the menu, it is necessary to stipulate that to eat a pregnant woman should often, in small portions, up to 6 times a day. It is not necessary to overeat and eat at night. If the hunger is caught by surprise, you can eat an apple.

Meals in the first trimester differ from the food in the second and third. At the beginning of the term the fruit develops with a small speed, the formation of the basic systems of the future child. Therefore, at this stage it is better to focus on vitamin-mineral complexes. In the second trimester the fetus begins to grow actively, it requires protein. And in the third period of pregnancy in the baby begins to develop rapidly bone system, formed the rudiments of teeth, and for all this he needs calcium. And, it means, the mother should pay great attention to consumption of various fermented products.

When making a diet, every pregnant girl should remember that the food she uses must be qualitative and balanced. It is not necessary to eat fast food, better and more useful to pamper yourself with dishes prepared at home. And while cooking, stick to the sparing mode: Cook, soar, bake. So the food will bring maximum benefit to the expectant mother and the child, because it saves vitamins and minerals. It is necessary to remove from the menu all fatty, smoked, and also the products, rich with salt. Different sauces, mayonnaise and canned food, too. It is recommended to avoid unfamiliar exotic dishes for pregnant women.

Attention! In order to avoid problems with the child’s health, it is not necessary to misuse foods that can cause allergies. If mommy is allergic, then during pregnancy they should be completely excluded from the menu.

Eat correctly so as not to harm neither to yourself, nor to your offspring!