Impotence And Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence – from the Latin word impotens – powerless, weak. In people, men who are sexually incapable are called impotent men, or men who avoid sexual intercourse with women aren`t interested in them. Moreover, this definition is very offensive for man.

To better understand what impotence is, I believe that you must first understand what is potency, phenomenon opposite to impotence, since impotence is nothing more than absence of potency. And potency (from Latin> potentia – power), i.e. sexual ability of man, consists of many components. Main ones are as follows: first of all, state of organs of reproduction and mechanism of erection, sexual desire, it`s “libido”, and, finally, very complex psychophysiological mechanism that triggers mechanism of erection at right moment, thanks to which organs of reproduction come to readiness.

Erection, or why penis “gets up”

From the point of view of physiology, mechanism of erection is extremely simple, and fact that man “gets up” penis at the time of sexual arousal doesn`t have any miracle. Erection occurs due to work of special group of muscles, as result of which cavernous bodies of penis are filled with blood.

These “erection ensuring muscles” constrict blood vessels synchronously with heartbeat so that at peak of pulse wave blood passes through vessel squeezed by muscles, but not back. As a result, in cavernous body of penis there is constant high pressure, which ensures erection. Magnitude of erection, (pressure of blood in cavernous body) depends on how well muscles provide erection.

Libido or sex drive

Sexual attraction is manifestation of procreation instinct, one of basic instincts of man, no less important than food instinct or instinct of safety. Many believe that sexual desire depends on sexual constitution, i.e. aggregate of physical data necessary for sexual activity, but in fact, sexual desire is more affected by hormone production process, its intensity directly affects intensity of sexual desire, as well as age and process of personality formation, in other words, education.

No matter how powerful “main instinct” is, in process of upbringing you can still do a lot with it! For example, change direction of sexual desire, turning it instead of opposite sex to your gender, or something else more unnatural. However, now I will not dwell on problem of sexual perversions, i.e. deviations, this topic requires special consideration, I note only that perverts aren`t born, but become as result of relevant conditions of education, leading to such deformations of individual.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is different, depending on severity of manifestation. Some men completely lack possibility of erection, others have it non-permanent, occasionally, and others – there is only short erection, which quickly disappears after penis is inserted into vagina. According to sexologists, approximately 20% of men under age of forty suffer from erectile dysfunction in varying degrees of manifestation, and more than 30% of men over age of forty, and considering sensitivity of problem, it can be assumed that in fact there are much more erectile dysfunctions.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

No matter how hard nature tried to protect erection mechanism as much as possible, there are factors that have significant impact on its weakening. Causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into three groups: causes of psychological nature, lifestyle factors and organic causes.

Psychogenic causes

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction may be psychological stress, stress, depression, indifference to a partner, fear of not being able to have sexual intercourse, conflicts between partners, incompatibility of sexual habits of partners, intense anxiety before committing sexual intercourse, fatigue, general poor health and male health status.

Lifestyle factors that weaken potency

Lifestyle factors that weaken potency are, first of all, smoking, drinking alcohol and in particular beer, taking drugs, as well as listening to “modern music” on equipment with increased power of low frequencies. Use of nicotine and alcohol, as a rule, doesn`t lead to complete disappearance of potency, although they can weaken it greatly, but rhythmic swotting low frequencies for 5-10 years can completely cut off erection mechanism, since first of all low frequencies affect spinal cord.

Unfortunately, equipment with exorbitant power of low frequencies is now spewing its own rumble in almost every park, stadium, club, and often in public transport. Therefore, those who have at least little weakened erection, it`s necessary to stay away from such places.

Organic causes

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction are most often vascular lesions, leading to insufficient arterial blood flow in vessels of erectile mechanism. As a rule, these are diseases that are based on atherosclerosis: angina pectoris, stroke, diabetes mellitus, hypertension. Also causes of erectile dysfunction can be damage to nerves or spinal cord; member injuries; inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, such as prostatitis; hormonal disorders.