Injuries to male genital organs

The variety of male genital organs injuries is simply amazing. Many people don`t know about half of them. But, every man is simply obliged to take care of his health. After all, sexual organs perform most important functions in human body –  reproductive. Let’s see, what are injuries to male genital organs. For more details look here

Common injuries

Male genital organs peculiarity is, that they located outside body. This arrangement makes them more unprotected. For this reason, men are often injured.

Most common injury types are:

  • Scrotum damage.
  • Bridle ears and ruptures.
  • Subcutaneous rupture of cavernous bodies.
  • Torsion testicle.
  • Penis dislocation.
  • Stabbed, cut, bite wounds.
  • Penis injury.

Penis injuries often occur in foreskin and head. In some cases, injured penis and scrotum. As a rule, such injury to male genital organs is accompanied by severe pain and can have undesirable consequences for man health.


Types of injury

The most common damage type to male genital organs is penis pinching by zipper on pants. With such injury, many men seek for specialists help. Although, lesion surface is relatively small, it causes severe pain. Of course, man begins to panic, trying to unzip, thereby further aggravating wound. But, in such case, you just need to slightly trim zipper below injury site. Cut calculation should be such, as lightning itself then opens.

In second place penis trauma due to excessive friction is. This injury has its own category of men, who are most susceptible to it. These are young guys, who are just starting to have sex, as well as overly passionate lovers. In area of ​ male genital organs appear deep damage to skin. After their healing, scars are formed. And. young boys very often break folds in foreskin.

If man has very short bridle from birth, then during sexual intercourse, it can break. This process is accompanied by unbearable pain and bleeding. You must immediately call doctor.

There is also more peculiar type of penis infringement. It is understood, that injury occurs as a result of penis dragging with wire, rope, putting various ring-shaped objects on it. In childhood, such damage occurs due to child’s too much curiosity, but in adulthood it is result of perverted onanism. Also, in this way, men try to prolong erection and prevent incontinence.

There is another kind of specific injury. Some men inject penis into vacuum cleaner. And, unfortunately, same cases aren`t uncommon. Many do it for self-satisfaction or to increase their “dignity”. As a result, they get injured. And, main problem after such actions is penis venous thrombosis.

Penis fracture. This trauma is often obtained during intercourse, when penis hits thigh of female partner. As a rule, severe pain occurs, and sexual organ itself acquires a blue tint due to fact, that severe hemorrhage occurs.

Penis dislocation. The reason is same as at turn. Due to strong impact, ligaments break. This cavernous body will move to perineum and under scrotum skin. Such an injury is reset, and then surgeon applies special stitches to torn ligaments.

There are cases when penis for a very long period is in erection state. This happens due to circulatory disorders. An erection doesn`t go away, but person has severe pain. An artery passes inside penis, which simply ruptures due to permanent erection. As a result, too much blood flows, but outflow doesn`t occur. This disease is called priapism in medicine. For more details, use this link