Why not get pregnant?

Every woman sooner or later comes to age when she wants to have child. It`s very important that her husband is ready for appearance of new family member. But not always everything is as it should be. Next, we will talk about why it`s impossible to get pregnant and what to do to ensure that desire to become parents is fulfilled.

Why not get pregnant from completely healthy woman?

Here’s a paradox that happens, you and your spouse are completely healthy, and the kids all don`t appear. Why is it impossible for absolutely healthy woman to get pregnant as soon as she decided to have baby? There are several reasons for this:

  • Emotional stress. It so happens that, wanting to become mother, woman is so fixated on this issue that she cannot think of anything else. And, when she sees that she can’t get pregnant in any way, she panics. Such emotional state aggravates situation even more, and vicious circle is obtained. Break it can only change situation and emotional relief. Trip to the sea, for example, and spouse’s patient attention.
  • Physical fatigue. This is second most common reason why woman doesn`t manage to get pregnant for long time. Solution to problem here is same as in previous case, change of scenery and good rest.
  • Incompatibility of partners. If woman fails to get pregnant for a long time, and all main tests are normal, banal incompatibility between husband and wife is most likely cause of infertility. To confirm or deny this, immunological analysis will be required. If he turns out to be positive, he will have to either accept and live without children, or look for another husband.

Why not get pregnant – other reasons

But reasons listed above why girl or woman cannot become pregnant aren`t the only ones. There are number of factors that influence conception and attachment of ovum in uterus:

  • Infectious diseases. Herpes, chlamydia, syphilis and other such illnesses greatly reduce possibility of full conception and carrying healthy baby. If you can`t get pregnant with regular menstrual cycle, first thing is to pass smear for presence of infection. After all, majority of pathological bacteria and viruses can live in our body for years without showing themselves up to certain favorable circumstances. For example, hypothermia or loss of strength of immune system.
  • Trophic changes and tumors. These include underdevelopment of female genital organs, obstruction of fallopian tubes, endometriosis and various tumors. Experienced physician may suspect these causes during manual examination. Ultrasound, endoscopy and biopsy (taking piece of tissue and studying it) will help confirm it.
  • Hormonal disorders. Over past 10 years, this reason has become most frequent answer to question why girl or woman cannot become pregnant. Level of radiation and general state of ecology greatly affect thyroid and pituitary. And their failure quite often leads to hormonal infertility. If during year woman cannot conceive, and at the same time she has failure of menstrual cycle, weight gain and hair growth in places atypical for woman, you should go to endocrinologist and take blood test for hormonal levels.

There are other reasons why woman doesn`t get pregnant for a long time. For example, hereditary predisposition or infections in childhood. To describe and consider them all, you will need more than one thick book. And yet, if this problem has visited you, don`t despair. Go to doctors, are being treated, and stork will visit your house very soon.